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About Sharon Watts


I am a visual artist (see my work at Sharon Watts Creative) who has been finding solace and freedom in words since September 11, 2001, when what started as a journal became a part of a communal tapestry of love and respect woven for a FDNY legend—  Miss You, Pat: Collected Memories of NY’s Bravest of the Brave, Captain Patrick J. Brown.

Currently I am working on a book about an incredible performer you may not know—yet! Bert Sommer was just twenty years old in August 1969, and Woodstock was his first live gig. The working title of my book is Smile: The Music, Life, and Times of Bert Sommer, Woodstock’s Lost Treasure. Updates and posts will appear here when ready, so sign up to follow this website and don’t miss any!

A decade’s worth of essays (with a few poems scattered in) entitled Back To My Senses (2013) is available in soft cover, and on Kindle.

Hell’s Kitchen and Couture Dreams, about my art student days in the early 1970s, is shaping up as a time capsule with words, visuals, and maybe even some music. The memoir-scrapbook is also my valentine to New York City, when it was bruised, tender, yet tough. Get updates HERE!

By The Time I Got To Woodstock (2019) is a graphic memoir of who I was in 1969, compiled after a visit to the Museum at Bethel Woods.

More Outlets:

Medium and its visual offshoot Spiralbound

Dirndl Skirt — A blog where I archive my life as a fashion artist (with plenty of visuals) as well as offer contemporary art/products that I design and sell

Zen I Can (an hour at a time) — “What’s it all about?” musings

YogaCityNYC — This labor of love (created by two NYC professionals who are also yoginis) for serious topics related to yoga philosophy came to an end in May 2017. It was a job that allowed me to access incredible people who are tops in their fields regarding holistic health in all its forms. I also got to view and write on cultural exhibits around NYC that reflect a myriad of creative and spiritual modalities. A list of articles is to the left of this page.

I’ve also discovered that I like documenting people’s stories. Their ways of expressing themselves regarding personal passions and missions, thoughts and feelings, resonate with me, and I want to help capture those things “for the record.” If you have something you need to share, let me help. Meanwhile, keep checking back here. I have some things to share of my own!


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What I won’t allow is copyright infringement of anything I have written here.

Please ask permission and/or give credit if you’d like to share anything other than reposting onto your blog.

Thank you for respecting creative property.

3 comments on “About Sharon Watts

  1. Gregg Orr
    December 27, 2020

    Just read your article in Shindig, #94 I think. I was digging into Wiki and YouTube. Mountain > the Vagrants > the New York scene. Through a Peter Sabatino Google search I found your article mostly about Bert Sommer.

    thANKHyou!!! I REALLY appreciate this piece. I was 10 years too late – born in ’60.

    I had never heard of Bert Sommer.
    Right now I’m listening to a recording of his set at Woodstock. 💜💜❤💜💜

    Have you been in the music scene , friend or performer/musician ?

      December 27, 2020

      Hi Gregg~ So glad you found it, and just so you know, it is being expanded into a book on Bert. According to all his bandmates and friends, he was larger than life. Talent-wise, too. I had never heard of him either, until 2017, when I visited the Woodstock Museum at Bethel Woods. I’ll be posting updates in 2021 on the book. Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous
    May 30, 2021
    Thank you.

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