Sharon Watts Writes

when pictures fail me…

Diner Coffee

she never had her tea leaves read
the tepid shallow puddle of a refill
(diner coffee)
overpowering youth’s refusal to believe
in getting old.

never in the a.m.
gulp and run
multi-tasking to do
a day to fill with brisk meaning
and content
places to go people to see.
no time to lament.

no, much later in the day.
under skyscraper canopy
(Galaxy, Red Flame, Tom’s)
mauve formica
clueless to retro-chic.

counter shared with older women
facing coffee cups
she bears witness to their invisibility
“one day”
she thinks
“that will be me.”
and an eye blinks.

copyright 2011 sharon watts

excerpted from Back To My Senses

for more writing about sensory memories and things that matter, visit Anita Rose Merando‘s The Coffee Stories

3 comments on “Diner Coffee

  1. eariggle
    March 1, 2014

    Just read, and felt the wave of recognition from inside out. Not sadly, but gladly, readier to face the work of the day in company as it were. Salute!

    March 1, 2014

    I love your attitude!

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